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  Child Counselling 

Child Counselling 

Like us, children can experience powerful feelings they are unable to understand or process.  They can have witnessed or been exposed to situations that have had an impact on them leaving them anxious and nervous of the world around them.  There are many reasons why children may be displaying signs of distress or cause for concern.  

Child-centred counselling can provide a safe space for a child to be able to express themselves and their emotions in a space that is confidential and engages in thinking together about those feelings.  Children often don't have the language to describe their emotions or thoughts or the tools to be able to manage intense emotions and self-sooth.  

Encouraging autonomy and respecting the child's pace and agenda the work undertaken is to support the emotional challenges while building resilience and well-being.  


Providing therapeutic materials such as art material, play figures, sand-trays, puppets, books, board games and more, children have access to a range of art and play material to use at their disposal.   

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