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    What is Counselling 

Counselling is the therapeutic process of talking with a qualified professional counsellor who is trained in helping and supporting people through difficult periods and challenges in their life.  Supporting clients to understand themselves and their experiences and begin to process them so that they can be fully understood and begin the healing process.

In a safe, quiet space you and the counsellor sit and talk about the things that are troubling you and your life experiences that have led you to this point.  Thinking together about what things mean and the choices you have.  Providing space and therapeutic relationship safe enough to explore your thoughts, feelings and fears in a non-judgemental, accepting, supportive environment.    

How Can Counselling Help Me 

Counselling can help to uncover your deeper feelings.  The thoughts and feelings that may be unconscious or repressed.  It can help identify patterns of behaviours and triggers and how that may impact on you. 


Counselling can also provide a space to talk about the things that have troubled you deeply to be able to let go of those feelings in a healthy processed way.  It can help you make sense of what seems confusing and overwhelming. 


Sometimes hearing ourselves say things out loud of things we never thought we'd hear ourselves say can create shifts in how we see and feel and think.


Counselling can provide the space and tools to heal the parts of you that are wounded.  

What can I expect in a counselling session

Counselling can bring to the surface a mixture of different feelings.  Sometimes it may feel like a huge release and that finally, someone understands.  It can also feel challenging, at times when being challenged on something or other times when repressed feelings begin to re-emerge.  


This is to be expected and that is why the relationship between the counsellor and client is so important as it is during those times that the security and safety of the space and the relationship can allow you to explore and express hidden or repressed feelings in a safe, confidential, non-judgemental space with a trusted therapist, without the fear of rejection or disapproval. 

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